When Kaptensbron had to be reconstructed, the natural choice was to give Lokal XXX Architects together with Johan Moritz of the Malmö City Highways Department the task of illuminating the creation. It was difficult to find a suitable fixture. Quite simply, the the architect Lokal XXX Architects and Malmö City had to develop one theirselves. The group settled on a fascinating elliptical design, a shape that Lokal XXX Architects further developed to the final shape. As well as having a harmonising effect with the bridge design, the human aspect was also central. Today, the ellipses hover over the benches of the bridge to create both a sense of space and a fascinating lighing effect.

Architect / Lighting design: Lokal XXX Architects.
Lighting designer: Johan Moritz.
Produced by ateljé Lyktan.

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