Tommy Govén

Started his trajectory through lighting in 1968 in Helsingborg where he trained as an engineer. Embarked on his career a year later as a lighting designer and consultant, and worked as such right up to 1994. After that he worked as a head of lighting technology in the lighting industry until his retirement in 2013.

Tommy has an enormous knowledge of lighting thanks to several qualifications in lighting design. As a consultant he has also won first prize in the ”Swedish Lighting Awards” for lighting design in 1989, 1991 and 1992.

Today he works as a consultant and advisor within light and he sits on the foremost technical expert committees for producing global and European standards within the lighting area, e.g. CIE, ISO, CEN and SIS.

Luminaires: Bianca, Fovea, Plain, Ultra, Bergamo, Carmen, Carmencita, Como, Origo.