Light distribution
The pictograms show the light distribution from the luminaire.
Several pictograms for the same luminaire mean that it is available in several variations.
1. Downward, 2. Omnidirectional, 3. Directional, 4.Omnidirectional, limited, 5. Asymmetrical, 6. Vertical/Indirect, 7. Upward, 8. Vertical, 9. Symmetrical indirect/direct, 10. Direct, 11. Indirect/asymmetrical direct, 12. Asymmetrical indirect/asymmetrical direct, 13. Surveillance downward, 14. Omnidirectional wall luminaire, 15. Omnidirectional with up/downlight.

Technology and light sources
The light source pictograms show which light source(s) go with which luminaires. Several pictograms for the same luminaire mean that the luminaire is available in several variations.
Class I Luminaire with single insulation and a protective earth connection.
Class II Luminaire with extra insulation and without a protective earth connection. May be connected to both earthed and unearthed sockets.

1. Class I, 2. Class II, 3. IAA/F A60, 4. FSG, 5. ME, 6. QE HME, 7. S/E HSE-E, 8. SE/I HSE-I, 9. MT, 10. ST/E HST-E, 11.IAA/F A60, 12. STH HST-CRI, 13. MT HIT-CRI, 14. FSD-E TC-SEL, 15. FSQ-I TC-D, 16. FSM-E, 17. FSM-I TC-T, 18. FSMH-E TC-T/EL, 19. HEG-PAR, 20. HAG QPAR 20, 21.CDM-R111, 22. HRGI QR-CBC, 23. FCH T-R 16, 24. FDH T16, 25. HSG QT-ax12, 26. LED, 27. MR16, 28. FSO-E.

IP Class
Shows the luminaire's IP Class.
1. IP20, 2. IP23, 3. IP43, 4. IP44, 5. IP64, 6. IP65

Plug n' light The luminaire is supplied as a package with mounted light sources, suspension fittings, suspension cables, flexes, and plugs and with suspensions with both height and side to side adjustment. Packaging remains on during installation.
Cable lock The luminaire suspension cable is steplessly adjustable for height.
Handmade glass Handmade glass.
1. Plug´n Light, 2. Cable lock, 3. Handmade glass.