Here you can download our luminaire database. The database you download here is a fully Stand-Alone Database mainly for DIALux, but to be able to download it or use it you don´t need it. From the database you can, if you want, easily export the file format .ldt and .ies that makes our luminaire database possible to use for all lighting calculation programs.

IMPORTANT: The database must be updated immediately after installation. The update is made under the tab ”Update” inside already installed PlugIn. The file here on our website will not be updated and therefore does not contain all news and products.

To ensure in the future that you have the latest version you just click on the button ”Update” inside your already installed PlugIn. It is recommended to check for an update about once a month, so you don´t miss out on any news or additions/improvements. If there is a more recent version available the program will detect this automatically and start downloading when you click the button.
(The installation file on this website will not be updated)

Contact person: martin.knutsson [at] atelje-lyktan.se

Lighting calculation program DIALux
You can find the lighting calculation program on www.dial.de

Luminaire database, PlugIn
Download program:
Ateljé Lyktan Plug-In.exe (120 MB)