The library of the KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm has always been full of bookcases and books. But times change, and Ahrbom & Partner Arikitektkontor were assigned to clear out the bookcases and replace them with study areas for the students. Small circular rooms of various sizes were created within a room, and each circle would accommodate a study group. When the bookcases were removed, much of the light that was integrated in the bookcases also disappeared. Instead, cosy and intimate low-level study lighting was designed to complement the existing light in the room in the form of large spotlight/floodlights. The same table luminaires are installed in all the study groups and supply effective downward lighting to the work areas. Each luminaire includes an outlet to charge computers and mobile phones.

Location: KTH library, Stockholm.
Client: KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology.
Architect: Ahrbom & Partner Arkitektkontor.
Lighting design / Luminaire design: Ahrbom & Partner Arkitektkontor.
Electrical consultants: Sweco.