The Stockholm office of gaming company King is located in one of the city's liveliest areas. With this in mind, interior architects Adolfsson & Partners wanted to create a forest-type oasis, a breathing space where visitors and employees could experience something different. When you come into the office, it is like entering a new world, and the light design has played a decisive role in the project. It was decided early on in the process to create a luminaire for qualitative lighting in a working environment, adapted to King’s and the individual's needs, which at the same time would provide an added “feature”. The light was designed by interior architect Mia Cullin, who in turn contacted ateljé Lyktan and the workshop, where the custom adjustable desk lamp in the shape of a fishing rod was made. The luminaire allows each employee to adjust the light to their own individual needs. The light level remains constant regardless of where your desk is situated in the office.

Location: King, Stockholm.
Architect: Adolfsson & Partners/BAU.
Interior Architect: Adolfsson & Partners.
Luminaire concept and idea: ÅF Lighting in collaboration with Mia Cullin.
Luminaire design: Mia Cullin.
Lighting design: ÅF Lighting.
Electrician: Stockholms Elpartner.
Property owner: Hufvudstaden.