Humana is a leading Nordic care company with its own modern care homes whose construction incorporates the latest technology in many areas, including lighting. Interior decorators Ljusrum are responsible for lighting design in Humana projects, where flexible, dynamic lighting solutions have been chosen for all residences to avoid an institutional feel and create agreeable, dignified homes for residents and a pleasant workplace for a great many people. The choice of lighting was also influenced by conscious decisions concerning colours and materials. The lighting concept is centred around people and the various needs elderly residents have, and as far as possible lighting is adapted to suit the individual.

Realizing all of these aspects required luminaires that combine the latest LED technology, a softer design idiom and a welcome-home feel. To achieve this, Ljusrum and Ateljé Lyktan worked together to create a new range of ceiling and pendant luminaires with textile shades. These are located mainly in residential sections e.g. in corridors, apartments and communal areas such as lounges and section kitchens. The pendant luminaires are fitted with TW (tunable white) uplight, providing a convenient way to impart a daylight feel to the room.

Ateljé Lyktan will supply four or five Humana projects per year from 2020 onwards.

Each pendant luminaire’s uplight is fitted with LED TW DT8 (tunable white device type 8), allowing light to range from cold (6500K) to warm (2700K). Downlight and downlight into the shade have a set Kelvin colour temperature (2700K). Uplight and downlight are individually dimmable.

Location: Several locations in Sweden
Client: Humana Omsorg AB
Lighting designer: Ljusrum
Architect: White Arkitekter
Interior architect: Ljusrum
Electrical consultant: Midroc
Electrical contractor: Midroc
Programming: Wennerström Ljuskontroll