Fristadstorget has for many years been the obvious place for meetings and trade in Eskilstuna and its history stretches back to the mid-1600s. Fristadstorget's lighting design is one of the projects that shows Eskilstuna's ambition to work consciously with light and lighting as part of the city's architecture, where the light creates space and identity in an integration between function and aesthetics. The new square was opened in October 2014, with 272 luminaires with a special model designed uniquely for Eskilstuna, made in Ateljén.

Location: Eskilstuna.
Landscape architect: Town Planning Eskilstuna,
Anna Edvinsson.
Lighting design: ÅF Lighting, Head of Design Kai Piippo.
Managing Agent Lighting designer Deike Ladwig.
Cast Lighting designers Daniel Hodierne and Karolina Hahn.
Electrical consultant: Ramböll Eskilstuna.