Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies

Based on a project from the third course in furniture design at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies, Linda Anjou Lagerström got the opportunity to design outdoor furniture with integrated lighting for John Mattson Fastighets AB, property owners in Larsberg, Lidingö. Her concept was to create a space for socializing and security.

Linda had envisioned the stools in the form of small glowing mushrooms, and this was her inspiration. They were made in Ateljén and were given the name Larsberg. The stools are made of brushed steel, concrete, stainless steel, stuffing material, fabric designed for outdoor use, and LED lighting. The light has been added on the top of the solid part. The lamp is directed up towards the seat, and the light bounces down on the ground from underneath the seat, creating a soft, pleasant glow around the stool.

Location: Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies, Lidingö.
Client: John Mattson Fastighets AB.
Luminaire and Lighting design: Linda Anjou Lagerström.