A unique light source

The Cold Cathode lamp - your choice for design, character and atmosphere!

When the out-phasing of the incandescent lamp was announced a few years ago, a lot of luminaire builders had a big problem. This issue motivated our partner NDF Special Light Products BV to develop an energy saving alternative. The target was to design a light source that would not only be attractive in energy consumption, but also a beautiful lamp to look at. The LED alternatives were not really nice and did not generate the warm, cozy light that people were looking for.

In January 2014, the Cold Cathode lamp was introduced, the modern answer to the old fashioned Edison squirrel cage lamp. The most important characteristics of the light bulb: a nice warm light color, a very long lifetime, energy efficient and dimmable. But above all; a lamp that deserves to be in the spotlight!

The Cold Cathode lamp is at its best in luminaires where the light source is an eye-catching element. You can apply the lamp both in indoor and outdoor luminaires. In 2015 a second shape was added to the assortment; the Globe.

In the meantime, the European Union put a halt to the continuous flow of incandescent lamps that were still entering Europe. Last February 2016, commission regulation 2015/1428 was issued with regard to eco-design requirements to improve the energy efficiency of lamps and reduce misuse of “special purpose lamps”.

We are happy with this regulation. It gives the producers of energy efficient alternatives a fair chance in gaining market share in this segment. But how do you make the best choice? There are so many LED alternatives entering the market, that it is very hard to separate the good from the bad. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack!

The Cold Cathode lamp is not a LED lamp, but a design product of reliable and top quality CCFL technology. This distinguishes the lamp from all the other alternatives!

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