ateljé Lyktan supports the climate change agreement

The signing of a global climate change agreement last Saturday night in Paris represents an historic deal and a turning point for the world in the battle to mitigate climate change. By offering our customers smart lighting solutions that can reduce energy consumption in Sweden by over 80%, we at ateljé Lyktan take our responsibility in helping to reduce environmental impact. But what do we mean by smart lighting? This can be explained by comparing traditional lighting with modern lighting: a 10-15 year old light fitting uses five times as much energy as a modern one. The rapid advancements in lighting technology, in particular LED, enable considerable environmental savings.

Today 81% of ateljé Lyktan’s light fittings use LED technology, and light fittings with traditional lighting will gradually be phased out or adapted to LED. Within two years our entire product range will consist only of LED lighting. A colossal 90% of the environmental impact from lighting comes from energy consumption, while manufacturing, transportation and recycling account for only 10%.