Ogle Mini - Floor

Design - Form Us With Love

Material: Press-cast aluminium.
Installation: Can be freely tilted up to 90° and rotated by up to 360°.
Connection: Supplied with feed cable 2x0.75 mm² with plug, length 3 m.
Dimmable foot switch.
Light source: Recommended light source Master LED is dimmable.
Not included.
Light distribution: Direct 25°, 36˚ & 40˚.

Standard finish: Black NCS 8000-N or White NCS S0500-N G20.


Optional colours: Dusty purple NCS S5040-R30B, Grey NCS S5502-Y, Champagne NCS S 3030-Y20R, Salmon pink NCS S2040-Y80R, Turquoise NCS S3030-B30G, Dusty blue NCS S6020-B, Dusty pink NCS S1515-R,
Dusty green NCS S6010-G70Y.

Matt texture lacquer on all colours. There is a small fee per order (regardless of the number of luminaires).

Item List 
Description Type ØxH (mm) Light source Socket Colour Weight Art.no.
Floor Dimmable 250(foot)x1244 Max 6W GU10 Black 1.6 kg 201036
Floor Dimmable 250(foot)x1244 Max 6W GU10 White 1.6 kg 201037
Recommended light sources Angle Lumen output Socket Art.no. CRI Colour temp.
Master LED 25° ~375 lm/5.5W GU10 207889 97 3000K
Master LED 36° ~375 lm/5.5W GU10 207919 97 3000K
Master LED 25° ~355 lm/5.5W GU10 207936 97 2700K
Master LED 36° ~355 lm/5.5W GU10 207927 97 2700K

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