Ogle Mini - Ceiling

Design - Form Us With Love

Material: Die-cast aluminium.
Installation: Mounted on 1-phase or 3-phase rail. 3-phase also fits with FixPoint fitting.
Connection: 1-phase adapter GB66 for Global Track base rail. 3-phase multi-adapter GA69 (Global Track).
Light source: Recommended light source is dimmable.

Standard finish: White NCS S0500-N G20 or Black NCS 8000-N.


Optional colours: Dusty purple NCS S5040-R30B, Grey NCS S5502-Y, Champagne NCS S 3030-Y20R, Salmon pink NCS S2040-Y80R, Turquoise NCS S3030-B30G, Dusty blue NCS S6020-B, Dusty pink NCS S1515-R,
Dusty green NCS S6010-G70Y.

Matt texture lacquer on all colours. There is a small fee per order (regardless of the number of luminaires).


Item List 
Dimensions ØxH (mm) Type Light source Socket Art. no. Colour
90x172 1-phase Max. 6W GU10 201018 * Black
90x172 1-phase Max. 6W GU10 201019 * White
90x172 3-phase Max. 6W GU10 201026 * Black
90x172 3-phase Max. 6W GU10 201027 * White
Recommended light sources Angle Lumen output Socket Art.no. CRI Colour temp.
Master LED 25° ~280 lm/4W GU10 207920 90 3000K
Master LED 25° ~375 lm/5.5W GU10 207889 97 3000K
Master LED 25° ~265 lm/3.9W GU10 207928 90 2700K
Master LED 25° ~400 lm/5.4W GU10 207925 90 2700K
Master LED 36° ~375 lm/5.5W GU10 207919 97 3000K
Master LED 36° ~355 lm/5.5W GU10 207927 97 2700K

* = Article in stock.


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