Level Slim G2 - Ceiling

Design - Olle Lundberg

Material: Luminaire housing in white lacquered aluminium. Light opening in opal optical acrylic glass with high light transmission and equability.
Installation: Mounted directly in ceiling suspension system. Can also be mounted in fixed ceilings with a mounting box or be suspended from 4 wires (accessories). Plate for circular light opening is also sold as an accessory.
Connection: On/off: Luminaire is supplied without cabling or with mounted 3-pole halogen-free connection line with plug, L=2500 mm (see item numbers).
DALI/Push-dim: Luminaire is supplied with 5-pole halogen-free connection line with free wire end, L=2500 mm, for easy connection to possible quick connector. Driver to be placed above the suspended ceiling. The driver can be fixed on the back of the luminaire with pre-mounted tape.
Standard finish: White RAL9016.
Light source: LED light source included. Colour temperature: 3000K.
Colour rendering: CRI min. 80. Chromaticity tolerance: max 3 SDCM.
Life span: L90B10 50 000h / L80B10 100 000h.
Driver: Equipped with latest generation LED driver for both On/Off and DALI. DALI regulate the light with amplitude modulation creating a flicker-free light. Dimming 1-100%. On/off variant is delivered with extra resistors for adjustments of lumen output on site. Selectable lumen output is 1350, 2200, 3050 (delivered) or 4100 lumen. Life span: 50 000h F10.
Other: Visible parts IP40, otherwise IP20. Not for outdoor use.

Item List 
Description Type Dimensions LxWxD Luminaire
Colour Colour temp. Art. no.
Ceiling On/Off ** 595x595x39 22W 3050 lm 140 lm/W White 3000K 204270 *
Ceiling On/Off **
incl. cabling
595x595x39 22W 3050 lm 140 lm/W White 3000K 204396
Ceiling DALI
300 mA (preprogrammed driver)
595x595x40 11W 1350 lm 125 lm/W White 3000K 204630-402 *
Ceiling DALI
500 mA (preprogrammed driver)
595x595x40 16W 2200 lm 137 lm/W White 3000K 204631-402 *
Ceiling DALI
700 mA (preprogrammed driver)
595x595x40 22W 3050 lm 140 lm/W White 3000K 204632-402 *
Ceiling DALI
950 mA (preprogrammed driver)
595x595x40 29W 4100 lm 142 lm/W White 3000K 204633-402 *
Accessories Art. no.
Pendant package for fixed ceilings or T profile 24 mm 204003 *
Mounting box for fixed ceilings, white 204223 *
Plate for circular light opening 595x595 , white 204249 *
Halogen-free ENSTO 3M 3G1,5: Halogen-free cable, L3000 mm, 3G1.5 mm² with free wire end + ENSTO NAC31S.W 204273
Halogen-free ENSTO 3M 5G1,5: Halogen-free cable, L3000 mm, 5G1.5 mm² with free wire end + ENSTO NCC51S.G 204274
Halogen-free WAGO 3M 3G1,5: Halogen-free cable, L3000 mm, 3G1.5 mm² with free wire end + WAGO 770-133 204275
Halogen-free WAGO 3M 5G1,5: Halogen-free cable, L3000 mm, 5G1.5 mm² with free wire end + WAGO 770-1115 204276

Explanation number suffix
LED dim DALI/Phase-pulse control. Phase-pulse control = Dimming via momentary pushbutton.

* Article in stock.
** The luminaire is delivered preset to 700 mA. The installation kit includes a resistor for 300, 500 and 950 mA operation if required.

The total height of the luminaire with driver mounted is 39.4 mm (On/Off) and 40.3 mm (DALI).

It is possible to have any contact assembled at the factory before delivery to fixed cost.

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