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“Worker seems to fit well in the category of archetypal designs,” says Joel Karlsson at Krook & Tjäder Design, who in designing Worker, had succeeded in meeting the huge challenge of combining practical lighting with a characteristic form. Joel believes the homely style adopted in many activity-based offices provides less effective lighting for a work environment. Worker has therefore been equipped with a downward facing light with a decorative effect, emphasising the luminaire’s beauty while providing a nice lighting effect. All this, combination with a fairly closed archetypal design.

“Worker is a wide line of luminaires with the latest LED technology that I believe will become applicable in many different types of environments in the future” says Joel Karlsson.

Worker comes in two different models, Worker Round and Worker Linear.

Worker Round.

Worker Round has a body in die-cast aluminium and a shade in painted aluminium in combination with a shade in opal acrylic. Worker Round comes in two sizes, Ø400 mm and Ø600 mm. Variations are available regarding colour, types of glare shield and adjustability.

Worker Round Ø600 mm and Ø400 mm.

Worker Linear, a linear luminaire in extruded aluminium and cast aluminium end caps. Available as Single and System versions with variations available regarding colour, length, types of glare shield and adjustability. Launching January 2017.

Visualisation of luminaire design, Worker Linear.

Worker Linear Single.

Worker Linear can be added with two types of glare shields, a microprismatic acrylic glass and a HoneyComb louvre in pure aluminium. Worker Round can be added with a glare shield in opal acrylic glass or microprismatic acrylic glass.

Microprismatic acrylic glass in combination with optic film from BrightView.

HoneyComb louvre in pure aluminium in combination with optic film from BrightView.

“Soft Contract” — our philosophy for a softer, more homely public environment. Worker is, with its archetypical design, material and wide range of colours developed for the “Activity-based office” where a softer impression and pleasant lighting is required.

The luminaire series Worker is available in standard colours White, Black, Anthracite-green, Dark dusty blue, Medium dusty green and Dusty pink.

Worker standard colours.

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