Time LED recessed

Design Bengt Källgren

Time LED recessed luminaire is a newly developed lighting system for integration in all types of acoustic ceilings with visible or concealed panels. Its unique adjustability allows the fitting to be mounted at the same level as the ceiling regardless of the type of edging or acoustic ceiling.

Time is an extensive family of luminaires fitted with the latest LED technology and developed for offices, laboratories, schools and other public spaces.

Sketches of Time LED recessed. Bengt Källgren.


The single luminaire is supplied with two white lacquered L profiles in aluminium, installed on each side of the luminaire housing and with angle plates at each end.

The lumainaire module lengths are designed to fit standard dimensions of ceiling tiles and panels. Single luminaire module lengths apply for T-24 grids, module lengths for T-15 available on request. Time Single is available in the module lengths of 600, 1200, 1800 and 3000.

For installation of single luminaires in ceilings, the dimensions of ceiling tiles and panels should be adjusted depending on the placement of the luminaire in the grid. These are ordered from the man- ufacturer of the ceiling tiles or cut by the ceiling contractor.

Single. Illustration of Position 1: Edge A. Position 2: Edge E. Position 3: Edge Ds, Dg, Lp,X, M, Z. Position 4: Edge Master Ds.

Single. Position 3, Edge Dg.


With Time System you can create long lines of light. On request, you can also order customised 90 degree corner sections to create customised L, U or O formations. The system luminaires are supplied with springs attached on either side of the fitting (2 x per metre). The fitting is always installed between two cross tees/main runners c-c 100 mm. The fitting can be easily accessed and demounted if required from underneath.

System. Illustration of Position 1: Edge A. Position 2: Edge E. Position 3: Edge Ds, Dg, Lp,X, M, Z. Position 4: Edge Master Ds.

System. Position 2, Edge E.


Time LED recessed - Single

The system fitting offers freedom of design to create long, effective lines of lighting.

Office. Time LED recessed System.

Time meets the latest standard SS-EN1 2464-1 according to Ljus & Rum/Arbetsmiljöverket (The Swedish Work Environment Authority) regarding luminance and screen work and can be delivered (10 /17) with a choice of lumen output.


The luminaire comes with microprismatic acrylic glass, micro lamella louvre together with optical film (BrightView) or optical diffuser in MIRO 20.

Microprismatic acrylic glass.

Micro lamella louvre. (Delivery start Nov-Dec 2015).

Optical louvre.

Bengt Källgren

Since 1969 Bengt Källgren has worked in lighting planning for different types of site, with a certain emphasis on public projects. Since 1975 Bengt has run his own lighting planning and design business.


Frame in extruded aluminium, end caps in cast aluminium.

Recessed into the ceiling with visible or concealed T24 profiles. For ceiling panels with edging details A, E, Ds, Dg, Lp, Master Ds (Ecophon) and A, E, X, M, Z (Rockfon). Approved for installation in ventilated areas.

Light regulation
Comes with On/Off and DALI as standard (1 x DALI address per luminaire).

Single supplied with 2.3 m cable and plug or 2.3 m cable with open cable ends, 5x0,75 m2, for dimmer variety. Halogen-free cable. Choice of 3 or 5-pin male connectors if requested. System start is delivered with halogen-free 2.3 m cable with open cable ends, 3x1.5 mm2 for on/off or 5x1.5 mm2 for dimmer variety.

Standard finish
White textured RAL9016.

Width 66 mm (excl. L profile that holds ceiling tiles). System luminaires installed between the main/supporting runner c-c 100 mm. Demounting depth: 80 mm.

Light source
Including Philips Fortimo LED light source, colour temperature 3000K or 4000K. Colour rendering CRI min. 80 (CRI 90 on request). Chromaticity tolerance max. 3 SDCM. Rated lifetime: L90B10 50 000h.

The luminaire comes with microprismatic acrylic glass and micro lamella louvre together with optical film (BrightView) and optical diffuser in MIRO 20. Micro lamella louvre delivery start Nov-Dec 2015.

Item List and Drawings
Time LED Single – Ceiling Recessed
Time LED System - Ceiling Recessed

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