Olle Lundberg

Interview with Olle Lundberg, industrial designer and founder of design studio LundbergDesign

Olle Lundberg started his career as a designer at the end of the 1980s. He studied Industrial Design at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design – Konstfack in Stockholm, Essen University and Lénsci – Les Ateliers in Paris.

Olle had run his own design studio, LundbergDesign, since 1990. The studio works extensively and multifacetedly with design projects for both national and international clients.

In addition to luminaire designs, the studio works with design projects in furniture, product design and corporate brand identity.

What do we need design for?
There are so many aspects. Design is needed to fill our emotional and function requirements, or to give a room a positive expression. The task of the designer is to encapsulate, communicate and solve people’s different needs.

I think it is important as a designer to be perceptive and interested in exploring different disciplines.

Concept luminaire for hotels, Riff.

“The success of a product is based on finding a balance between consumer insights, technology and esthetics”

How would you describe what you do for people outside the design industry?
I am a designer with a very broad spectrum of customers, that work with everything from branding to furniture and luminaire design.


Can you tell us about your design philosophy?
I think it’s somehow to do with what I mentioned earlier, it’s about being perceptive and designing relatively simple products that sell.


Cob/ Cobbler.

How did you get involved in lighting design and what do you like most about designing luminaires?
I have really found it exciting all throughout my career. Having to consider the light that flows through a product makes the actual design and design process much more complex, but also so much more exciting. For example, an otherwise ordinary fold in metal sheeting can affect how the lighting is perceived. If you then place the luminaire in a room it will add a layer of complexity to take into consideration.

Design sketches, Birdie.


Something you can’t live without?
My slalom skis.

Favorite material?
I like to work with material that creates a special kind of contrast. Then the material in itself isn’t so important, that’s something you have to deal with as a designer.

A film?
It has to be something by Tarantino, let’s go for Pulp Fiction.

A writer?
Dennis Lehane.

A place where you like to spend time?
Nothern Italy, I love it around Lago d’Iseo.


Can you tell us about a project you are working on right now?
New street lighting project, a new outdoor luminaire.

Thanks Olle for the interview.

LundbergDesign has throughout the years won many international prizes such as RedDot and IF awards.

Examples of luminaires that have been created for ateljé Lyktan are: Adventure, Birdie, Cob, Cobbler, Gaze, Level, Linx, Mamba, Megalo, Riff and Skipper.

Olle Lundberg.