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“I started with a basic shape, a circle, a sphere. I wanted to create something that could blend in with the surroundings. A shining globe, like a little moon”, says Stefan Borselius.

The globe with its soft glow, turns city centres and parks into inviting spaces, while the downward LED light provides light where it’s really needed.

Halo comes in two sizes, 600 mm and 450 mm in diameter. The larger one is mainly intended for street lighting and can be suspended, or mounted on a post or wall. The smaller one is perfect for street and park areas.

Halo Suspended.

Halo Post.

Halo Wall.

The smaller luminaire comes in two different varieties; Halo 450 is equipped with a symmetrical circular emitting metal reflector and a diffuser in clear or microprismatic acrylic glass.

Halo 450 GC, on the other hand, has lighting optics with lenses, in combination with an intelligent BrightView film for eclipse-shaped light scattering.

The larger luminaire, Halo 600 is equipped with asymmetric street lighting optics with lens technology and three modules for variations in light scattering.

The programmable ballasts enable night saving functionality.

Halo 450 with reflector, without protective glass.

Dimming of Halo 450 symmetrical light pattern. The light source is positioned further in the luminaire to create optimal dimmed effect even when in close proximity to the luminaire.

For the Halo 450 GC, the light optics are positioned further in the cup for optimally balanced dimming and light scattering.

Luminaire housing, line attachments, post and wall mounting connectors are made of aluminium, the cup is made of impact resistant opal acrylic.

Halo comes in anthracite grey and aluminium grey textured lacquer. Other colours available on request.

Stefan Borselius founded his design company in 2002 and creates innovative design with focus on finding new solutions for materials, form and function. Borselius has won many prizes and awards and he is represented among the National Museum’s collections.

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