Colour palette

ateljé Lyktan

ateljé Lyktan’s new colour scale includes ten different colours for you to decorate with. The colours were jointly chosen by interior design stylists, architects and ateljé Lyktan’s product development group.

In the 1960s, Anders Pehrson introduced a broad colour palette which featured throughout ateljé Lyktan’s product range during the 1960s and 1970s. After several decades in which a more conservative colour scale of white, grey and black had dominated – with a few exceptions – we are now presenting new colours in most of our range of interior lighting.

The colours are an addition to ateljé Lyktan’s standard colours and can be applied to not only new luminaries but also older designs, to give them a different look. There is a small start fee for this regardless of the number of luminaires. The luminaires Buzz and Plug Lamp are available in five new standard colours from the new colour palette.

Painting Buzz in Turquoise, NCS S3030-B30G.

Buzz in new colours. Buzz is available in Turquoise, Salmon Pink, Powder Purple and White as standard.

Plug Lamp in new colours.

Paint shop.

Buzz and Ultra in the colours Powder Green and Powder Purple.

Supertube, Ogle Mini and Buzz in the colours Turquoise and Salmon Pink.

Hi-Hat in the colour Champagne.

Ogle Mini in the colours Anthracite, Black, Powder Green and Champagne.

Plug Lamp. The luminaire is available in the colours Powder Pink, White, Powder Green, Petrol Blue, Black and Grey as standard.

The colours

The colours are an addition to ateljé Lyktan’s standard colours and can be applied to most of the interior lighting products for a small start fee. Black and White are standard colours.

Champagne NCS S 3030-Y20R. Powder Pink NCS NCS S1515-R. Salmon Pink NCS S2040-Y80R. Turquoise NCS S3030-B30G. Petrol Blue NCS S6020-B.

Powder Purple NCS S5030-R40B. Anthracite Green NCS S5502-Y. Powder Green NCS S6010-G70Y. Black RAL9005. White NCS S0500-N.


You can also order luminaries in other colours for a small start fee, for example your company’s profile colours.