Cold Cathode lamp - Light source

Design - NDF

Description: Light source, Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp, in two versions. Delivering an extra warm light, the Cold Cathode lamp is ideal for use in both classic and modern fixtures, where the lamp is prominently visible at all times. As the lamp is dimmable, it helps to create the desired atmosphere.
Other: Colour rendering CRI > 80. Rated lifetime 25 000h.

Item List 
Description Dimensions ØxH (mm) Lumen output Socket Part no. Weight Colour temp.
Standard 65x165 350 lm/7.7W E27 207000 90 gr. 2300K
Globe 115x177 400 lm/7.9W E27 207001 150 gr. 2300K
Accessories Part no.
Universal dimmer 5-325W Trend-Front 201983
Frame for dimmer, 1 box, Trend-Front 201967
Universal dimmer 5-325W Exxact-Front 201984
Frame for dimmer, 1 box, Exxact Primo Front 201966
Frame for dimmer, 1 box, Exxact Basic Front 201969

Technical information