Boxer - Ceiling

Design - Andréason & Leibel

Material: Frame in extruded aluminum. Light opening in opal acrylic sheet.
Assembly: Assembled directly in ceiling suspension system, T15 or T24 grid. Stand alone driver shall be placed above ceiling.
For installation in fixed ceilings or for adjusted level of luminare, to align with thicker ceilings, spring needs to be changed for required application, see accessories.
Installation depth: 97mm.
Connection: Luminaire is supplied with a 5-pole halogen-free connection cable with free wire end, L=2m (3m connection cable including length of driver box).
Diffuser: Opal acrylic.
Light scattering: Symmetrical distribution with a half beam angle of 105°
Light source: 3000K and 4000K: LED light source QLE G3+ ADV from Tridonic. Colour temperature: 3000K or 4000K. Colour rendering: CRI 80. Chromaticity tolerance: 3 SDCM.
Tunable white: Adjustable LED light source Tridonic QLE G2, calibrated premium system. Colour temperature: from 2700K to 6500K. Colour rendering: CRI 90. Chromaticity tolerance: 3 SDCM.
Rated lifetime: L90 50 000h.
Driver: 3000K and 4000K: Equipped with Osram Optotronic Intelligent.
Dimming 1-100%.
Tunable white: Equipped with Tridonic Premium driver with DALI DT8 protocol. Calibrated LED + Driver system. Dimming 3-100%.
Both drivers regulates the light with amplitude modulation, which contributes to a flicker-free light.
Lifespan: 100 000h (max 10% loss).
Weight: 3000K and 4000K: 6.74 kg including driver box, 6.4 kg without driver box.
Tunable white: 7.6 kg including driver box, 6.74 kg without driver box.

Standard finish: White NCS S0500-N (RAL9016), textured.

Item List 
Description Type LxWxH (mm) Luminaire power Luminaire flux Lumen/W Colour Colour temp. CRI Art.no.
Ceiling DALI 598x598x41 50W 5100 lm 102 White 3000K 80 2000400
Ceiling DALI 598x598x41 50W 5400 lm 108 White 4000K 80 2000401
Description Type LxWxH (mm) Luminaire power Luminaire flux Lumen/W Colour Colour temp. CRI Art.no.
Ceiling, Tunable white DALI DT8 598x598x41 35W 3200 lm 91 White 2700-6500K 90 2000402
Accessories Description Art.no.
Spring KIT dropped 14mm Edge Ecophon Ds, Dg, Lp or Rockfon X, M, Z 2000420
Spring KIT dropped 27mm Edge Ecophon Master Ds 2000421
Spring KIT fixed ceiling 13mm thickness 2000422

Technical information

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